Counseling Approach                                                                                                                                                                           

Too often, counseling or psychotherapy focuses on reducing symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or stress, rather than identifying and resolving life experiences which led to these signs of personal distress.  The counseling process involves learning skills which promote emotional health such as awareness of your  feelings and needs, communicating effectively, having fulfilling relationships, and making healthy life choices.  




In addition, I recognize -

the importance of connecting with you, rather than only relating to a diagnosis and your symptoms

the significance of identifying and releasing unexpressed feelings, allowing resolution of unfinished business and a change in unhealthy life themes

how medication can mask feelings, and a diagnosis can limit personal potential

the value of sharing my own past struggles and triumphs, and joining with you in your life journey     

the importance of my own on-going personal growth and professional development.






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